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BLACK, BLUE & BROWN – a Greater Seattle FANHS Event

What is the historical connection between Black and Brown peoples? How do we view race in America today? What can change the structural problems we face? Why do Black issues matter to others? We are bruised and battered by racism together. Black, Police, or Filipino – we seek change. For more information visit the Seattle FANHS…

State of Washington signed proclamation for FAHM

This proclamation recognizes the fifth consecutive celebration of Filipino American History Month in Washington State and is dedicated to the late Mr. Frederick Cordova of Seattle, the founding president of the Filipino American National Historical Society; and …

October Marks Filipino American History Month

The theme was chosen to recognize the countless Filipinos that have contributed and worked in the agricultural, food service and culinary industries from the great culinary exchanges of the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade of the 1500 – 1800s…