FANHS Museum building lease is signed

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A Message from Leatrice “Letty” Perez, President, Stockton Chapter:

Finally, after 20 years of talking about a National Filipino American Museum, we signed a lease to rent space in downtown Stockton. We will have one of the store front spaces in the old Newberry Building at 335 E. Weber St in downtown Stockton!

For those who may not know, Stockton was designated to be the city for the site for the National museum by the National Trustees at the 1994 FANHS conference in San Francisco.  Their reason was because Stockton was where the largest Filipino population resided since the early 1920’s. FANHS Stockton Chapter has, through the past years, held fund raisers for the museum. We have raised enough to start the museum (rent), but we will need support to maintain it from all of FANHS, community and friends.  Watch for the Grand Opening. These are exciting times.


Left to right: Minnie Liwanag-Eichele, Zack Cort, Mel LaGasca and Letty Perez