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Start a local chapter near you!

Join the national conversation.

Starting a Filipino American National Historical Society chapter in your city is a wonderful opportunity to join the national movement and leverage the knowledge and resources of the many chapters under the FANHS umbrella to further the mission:  “To promote understanding, education, enlightenment, appreciation and enrichment through the identification, gathering, preservation, and dissemination of the history and culture of Filipino Americans in the United States.”

Dorothy Cordova

Dorothy Cordova welcomes the attending chapters at the 2022 FANHS Conference in Seattle, Washington.

Please follow these steps to start your FANHS Chapter:

  1. Have at least 10 members
  2. Elect/appoint the following officers: President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer. You can create more later.
  3. Pay membership dues (1/3 should be sent to National, and 2/3 stays with chapter)
  4. Send a formal letter/request to become a chapter via email to FANHS executive director Dr. Dorothy Laigo Cordova (fanhsnational@gmail.com) cc the President (fanhs.nationalpresident@gmail.com). In the letter, please include the names of your members, along with the titles of new chapter officers.
  5. FANHS trustees will send you a confirmation when your chapter is approved.
Once you’re established, we advise that you:
  1. Hold chapter meetings regularly (most chapters meet bimonthly or quarterly).
  2. Send a representative to FANHS National Chapter Meetings (hosted by FANHS trustees)
  3. Attend the FANHS biennial conferences
  4. Vote in National Trustee elections!

Congratulations on taking steps to join a national prestigous organization that is been in existence since 1982.  We look forward to hearing from you!