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FANHS Speaks Out on the New Film CESAR CHAVEZ

FANHS argues that the film misses an opportunity to offer a nuanced and accurate history of the farmworkers movement that was born of the Filipinos’ 1965 Grape Strike because it does not emphasize the importance of the historic multi-ethnic alliance between Mexicans and Filipinos in the UFW.

fred cordova

Frederic A. Cordova 1931 – 2013

CONDOLENCES Frederic A. Cordova, 82, passed peacefully on December 21, 2013. Born June 3, 1931, in Selma CA to Margarita Pilar and Geraldo Umali, Fred considered Stockton, California, his hometown although as a child he lived in numerous California farm areas because his adoptive parents Leoncio and Lucia Cordova contracted migrant farm laborers. In 1948,…


2014 FANHS Biennial Conference

The FANHS National Conference will be July 31 –August 2, 2014 at the Kona Kai Resort & Hotel in San Diego, CA. The theme of the conference is Kapwa: Moving Forward in Unity.


October is Filipino American History Month

Founded in 1982, the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) documents and promotes Filipino American history through its archives, conferences, books, programs, films, art and more. With 30 Chapters throughout the USA, FANHS has recognized October as Filipino American History Month for decades.


FANHS National Secretary and Trustee to serve on Board of Education

FANHS National Secretary and Trustee Dr. Patricia Halagao was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Hawaii State Board of Education. Dr. Halagao is an education professor at University of Hawaii, Manoa and will be one of nine members who will influence educational policy in the state. Read more

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