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FANHS Strategic Plan Digest

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Committees met BEFORE the 2022 Conference and updated their SMART Goals, for Year 1 on the Strategic Plan to assist in on boarding new Trustees elected to the board. Special thanks to Organizational Capacity Chairs/Trustees Gem Daus and Dom Siababa for orchestrating and facilitating the process.

FANHS Mission Statement:  

The mission of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS) shall be to promote  understanding, education, enlightenment, appreciation, and enrichment through the identification,  gathering, preservation and dissemination of the history and culture of Filipino Americans in the United  States.  

FANHS Values:  

These values are the fundamental beliefs and culture of FANHS. 

Trust: a firm belief in the reliability, character, ability, strength, or truth of the organization and  its members 

Respect: due regard for members’ talent, time, and contribution 

Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles 

Truth: the body of real things, facts, and events; a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or  accepted as true 

Sustainability: the ability to be maintained at a certain state or level; the quality of being able to  continue over a period of time 

FANHS Guiding Principles:  

FANHS is guided by the following principles on how FANHS operates, and how its staff and members  behave toward each other: 

  1. Historic Preservation: Consistent with FANHS’ mission, it preserves Filipino American history to honor  the presence, contributions, and accomplishments of our people, address historical inaccuracies, make  us visible, and claim our rightful place in American history. 
  2. Education: “Know history, know self. No history, no self.” Self-knowledge strengthens one’s identity,  pride, and sense of belonging. Education delivers the promise of FANHS mission to “promote  understanding, enlightenment, appreciation and enrichment”. FANHS provides educational  opportunities for all ages and ethnicities through exhibits, programs, special events and other means. 
  3. Excellence: As the only Filipino American national historical society in the United States, FANHS’  1Lightly edited definitions from the Oxford English, Merriam-Webster, and Cambridge English Dictionaries.  FANHS’ quality of work meets, if not exceeds, industry professional standards. FANHS conducts primary research  mostly with community researchers. It provides constant training, mentoring and practical learning  opportunities to develop and enrich community and academic researchers. It encourages and hosts civil  discourse and dialogue to develop common understanding. 
  1. Community: FANHS embraces the Filipino communal values of “kapwa” and “bayanihan” to express  community and caring while nurturing relationships. FANHS is an inclusive organization that is open to  all, regardless of their diversity. This is consistent with FANHS Founding President Dr. Fred Cordova’s  tenets that “A Filipino American is a person who is Filipino by birth, marriage or by association.” and that  “Everyone has a story.” 
  2. Collaboration: FANHS partners with diverse entities to co-research and co-develop public programs,  exhibits, and special events. FANHS works with other communities, labor organizations, agencies,  museums, educational institutions, and non-traditional partners to reflect the intersectionality of  history, broaden FANHS perspective, and expand its capacity to serve our communities and the public. 


FANHS is a national, all-volunteer organization with 40 chapters across the country and headquarters in  Seattle, Washington. The organization is governed by a 27-member Board of Trustees and the Executive  Director. This strategic plan was developed by the Trustees and approved in July 2021. The plan is  realized through the committee action plans which follow.  

Note: The FANHS Museum, based in Stockton, California, is fiscally separate and has its own board and  strategic plan. In the spirit and intent of the 1994 FANHS Board decision to establish a national museum  in Stockton, and the incorporation of the FANHS Museum in 2015, the Trustees affirm our commitment  to support the mission statement of the National FANHS Museum as an allied but independent organization. 

Program Committees – These five committees oversee the programmatic functions of the organization.  

Archives & Digital Records Committee: Support the FANHS National Pinoy Archives (NPA) in  Seattle; encourage chapter local archives/collections; establish volunteer training, internships;  and digitize records. This committee can encompass or include what Uncle Fred called “The  National Pinoy Archives Advisory Council.” 

Research, Education, & Publications Committee: Build FANHS’ REP (Research, Education, and  Publications) via the FANHS Journal, and other publications. Write timely educational  statements, scholarly articles, develop curriculum guides. Identify, document, preserve, and  disseminate research on a national level. 

Filipino American History Month (FAHM) Committee: Support, develop, and coordinate the  annual history month focus/theme, curriculum resources, and activities.

Conferences Advisory Committee: Support and provide guidelines for the FANHS Biennial  National Conferences. Members of this committee can be asked to serve on the sponsoring  chapter’s host committee or conference program committee, and/or work with finance  committee to raise funds for student scholarships to attend national conferences. 

Scholarship & Awards Committee: Establish awards to be given at the biennial conferences, for  volunteer service, public programming or service, or publications (for Trustees, Chapters,  Members, Students, Conference Presenters, etc.). Support the Executive Director’s “V.I.P.” Very  Important Pin@y Award, given at FANHS National’s annual dinners. Work with Finance Committee to establish endowments to fund the awards. 

Organizational Support Committees – These four committees interact with and support all the program  committees listed above. These committees also coordinate with each other and the Executive  Committee.  

Finance: Support and coordinate capital campaign, fund development, grant writing,  fundraising, and scholarships.  

Communications: Support FANHS internal communications, external outreach, branding,  publicity, newsletter, social media, and website. 

Membership: Support membership recruitment, mentorship, growth, and engagement with  FANHS Chapters and affiliates through outreach and activities. Regularly coordinate with  Finance and Communications Committees. 

Organizational Capacity: Support FANHS National Office & Board of Trustees; coordinate  strategic plans, operational plans, and continuity plans; administer officer elections (during  conference years). 

Action Plans (alphabetical by committee) 

Archives & Digital Records Committee 

  1. Establish a system of access to the National Pinoy Archives by various entities (chapters,  members, researchers, students, academics, etc.) 
  2. Build partnerships with public institutions (universities, museums, schools, etc.) to assist with  care and preservation of National Pinoy Archives collections. 
  3. Identify and write grant applications to support the activities of the National Pinoy Archives. 
  4. Complete an analysis to determine if it will benefit FANHS to join other national archive  organizations.  
  5. Determine and develop procedures for preservation of the holdings of the NPA collections.  Begin to investigate requirements for digitization of the NPA. This includes the required  infrastructure and maintenance of the collections.  

Communications Committee 

  1. Improve overall FANHS organization through enhanced communication. 
  2. EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS. Strengthen FANHS communications with the general  membership, chapters, and the public to ensure the timely sharing of information,  organizational visibility, and engagement.  

Conferences Advisory Committee 

  1. Update the Conferences Guidelines, Handbook, and files. 

Filipino American History Month Committee 

  1. Identify, plan, and promote the annual Filipino American History Month (FAHM) theme for the purpose of educating FANHS members and the general public, enhancing Filipino American identity and pride, and stimulating support for FANHS. 

Finance Committee 

  1. Develop National/Trustee ProForma Budget for 2021; include Chapter budgets in 2022; include  in-kind contributions by 2023. 
  2. Identify and implement an integrated membership and financial management payment system  (includes software and fiscal controls and procedures) to be operational by December 2022.  
  3. Establish coordinating structure for fund and resource development. 
  4. Develop a multi-prong funding strategy plan that will help build and sustain the organization. 5. Establish Asset Management plan in 2023.

Membership Committee  

  1. Review and finalize existing procedures for at-large members to join FANHS via online and  through snail-mail by May 1, 2021. 
  2. Create and standardize “Welcome Packet” for new at-large members by July 1, 2021, dependent  upon feedback by National Officers. 
  3. Review and finalize list of required information from chapters and procedures for Chapters to  report said information to Membership Committee and Finance Committee after the above  steps (#1 and #2) are finalized. 

Organizational Capacity Committee 

  1. Facilitate the 2021-2023 FANHS strategic planning process for trustees and chapters to establish shared direction, coordination, collaboration, and accountability.
  2. Establish FANHS Business Operations Continuity Plan. 
  3. Establish FANHS Drs. Dorothy and Fred Cordova legacy continuity plan. 

Research, Education, and Publications Committee 

  1. Encourage, train, and make it easy for people to submit/share their work and stories. 2. Support FilAm Curriculums and Programs (K-20) 
  2. Facilitate the production and dissemination of reliable information about Filipino American  history. 

Scholarship & Awards Committee 

  1. Provide scholarship funds to at least two (2) deserving students (who are FANHS members) to  enable them to attend the 2022 biennial Conference.  
  2. Give awards to deserving individual(s) for their outstanding contribution(s) to FANHS  
  3. Continue this process of providing scholarships to student(s) and giving awards to deserving  individual(s).