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The 2022 FANHS Newsletter is here!

Categories: News

Dear FANHS Members,

Thanks to Editorial Board Co-Chairs Luna Jamero, and Terri Torres, and Editor Maria Batayola, we have a special edition for our 40th anniversary. During that time, FANHS continued to grow, and sadly valued members died. Today society is changing, political dynamics in America and the world are shifting. We are emerging (hopefully) from a deadly global epidemic which caused the cancellation of the 2020 Hawaii conference and altered the way we conduct business, interact socially, and consider what is important in our lives.

FANHS turns 40 this year and our 19th National Conference will be held at Seattle University – the site of the first gathering in 1987. Since then – almost 2,000 people have attended – many sharing research, personal stories or just listening and learning Filipino American history. Conferences have become “reunions” as many people continued to come and renew friendships with others they met at earlier sessions.

FANHS National Office and Archives in Seattle holds large collections of oral histories interviews, historic photos, and research, as well as several photo exhibits. We conduct TGIF lectures and the “Poverty Readers,” and have produced an award-winning documentary. For years, the late Dr. Virgilio Pilapil edited the FANHS Journal.

The Central Coast Chapter hosted the commemoration of Morro Bay as the first documented American site in 1587 of “Indios Luzones” aka Filipinos. Filipino American History Month, the annual celebration of that fact, is held each October. In 2016 the National Museum opened in Stockton… and more.

Forty FANHS chapters with our affiliate, Filipino American Historical Society of Hawaii, have documented and shared their local histories in different ways. Members have become authors. Valuable materials contained in the National office and Archives have been shared with chapters, authors, filmmakers, historians, researchers, and ordinary folk seeking family history. For years we mentored students who now are mentoring younger students. We collaborate with other organizations or agencies on joint projects. Fifty members went to Manila in 1998 to share Filipino American history as part of the 100th Anniversary of the Spanish American War.

We have been busy the past 40 years – and the results have exceeded our expectations. Hopefully you will be able to celebrate with us in Seattle August 11-13 or join us electronically. Thank you for being part of our growing FANHS Family.

Dorothy Laigo Cordova

FANHS Co-Founder and Executive Director

Click to download the 2022 FANHS Newsletter