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Cordova, J. M., and A. Canillo. 1984 and 2000. Voices: A Filipino American Oral History. Stockton, CA : Filipino Oral History Project. An example of oral history as curriculum, Voices has been dramatized and interpreted by students and teachers throughout the United States, most notably by FACS, of Salem High in Virginia Beach. forour
FANHS Hampton Roads Chapter. 2004. eds. J. M. T. Cordova and E. Lawsin. In Our Aunties’ Words: The Filipina Spirit of Hampton Roads. San Francisco: T’boli Press. An intergenerational production team of students and community members conducted oral histories and designed this first publication by FANHS Hampton Roads Chapter, a resource on Filipina women’s history.
FANHS Hampton Roads Chapter. 2007. ed J. M. T. Cordova. In Our Uncles’ Words: We Fought for Freedom. San Francisco: T’boli Press. Produced by an intergenerational team that included students, In Our Uncles Words includes oral history excerpts, narratives by older adults, and a scholarly narrative that places Filipino veterans’ experiences into historical context.
Lawsin, E. and Galura, J. 2002. Filipina Women in Detroit: 1945-1955, Oral Histories from the Filipino American Oral History Project of Michigan. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan OCSL Press. Oral history publication created through the University of Michigan service-learning projects is also a curriculum resource with extensive bibliographies, timelines, and a syllabus.


Halagao, P.E., Cordova, J. M., Tintiangco-Cubales, A. (2009) Critical Review of K-12 Filipino American Curriculum. AAPI Nexus: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Policy, Practice and Community, 7 (10) pp. 1-23.